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September 14, 2009


I am scrapbooking my Mt. Rainier trip that I took 2 weeks ago, I don't have alot of extra time so the free mini-class that I took 3 weeks ago called Road Trip was the perfect solution to scrapbooking the trip and made completing it a breeze.

I don't typically scrap 'themes' ... I try to just scrap whatever fits my mood at the moment!

I am scrapping a trip to Northwest Trek - so I guess the theme is "daycations" :)By the way, I am using a darling kit for it put together by Tamara Hintze! LOVE her stuff!! Hope I win!!!

Cool prize! I'm working on wedding photos right now - not just mine, but also on the weddings of our two oldest boys. Thanks Jennifer!

I just finished Disney, and a really cute summer mini book and am digging out school photos from 3 years ago.

I don't scrapbook too much. Right now I'm decorating the diecut chipboards letters "FALL" I cut last week for your store. Thanks for the chance to win yummy goodies.

I've been scrapping summer photos and back to school pictures this week.

I'm scrapping baby pics! So fun!

I am scrapping a two week trip to Kansas to visit family! :) I am also working on a Disneyland album!

This paper rocks!

Working on the Halloween Banner swap I am so inspired to scrap Halloween pictures, however it hasn't happened yet and my past Halloween pictures are already in books. So I am scrapping my performance in the musical "Guys and Dolls" several years ago.

Oh! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm trying to scrapbook (document) things my toddler is doing right now before baby #2 comes next month! This prize would be perfect as she's totally into the alphabet!!

I don't appear to be nearly as caught up with my scrapbooking as others -- I am working on my daughters Senior year of high school, (the same daughter that I just dropped off for her first year of college).

Trying to get ready to start scrapbooking my 2009 photo album starting with shots from last winters snowfall. Also excited to use my new CM Rotary 12 inch trimmer that comes with a straight blade and you can get Wavy, Scoring, and Perforated blades.

right now i'm just plodding along with my 365 project, and i've started dabbling in hybrid so no real 'theme'. I am however getting ready to scrap our 1st day of school, which this year includes my twins hitting the big time and going off to 1st grade!

I am scrapbooking a gift for a friend and her daughter to remember their trip to Paris this summer. The road trip book was my inspiration to get this started.

I'm working on pages from last halloween and thanksgiving. Loving all the new stuff in the store. Its been hard choosing what to use for my pages with so many great options.

I am doing a lot of catch up scrapbooking! I have 4 boys and right now I am working on a birthday layout for my third who is 7, but it was his 2nd birthday....

I'm scrapping the last year of my daughter's dance album.

I'm working on my niece's high school scrapbook. She just graduated and doesn't have anything to show for all her fabulous times in high school. I hope I win. PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!

I'm finishing up my Disney scrapbook and then going to work on last spring with Easter and soccer and dance.

My husband and I are planning to complete 3 projects for Christmas -- a calendar for each of us detailing our life, or at least 12 aspects of our life. The third item will be a calendar for our 8 month old grandson. We do not scrapbook per se. We've done small travel scrapbooks for ourselves when we travel. Then we did a big 17-page scrapbook for our daugther in Kansas who graduated in May with a masters degree. The scrapbook was of various photos of her life from baby to dating, to marriage to two college graduations. Of course, she will have to put her own masters program photo in it. It was well loved and admired by not only her, but all her in-laws and friends. We hope to do this for the other members of our family, but that will take time. First is our own calendars and the grandbaby's calendar. Yes, we work on these together.

I'm working on a little Halloween album just showing 1 pic of each kid in their costume each year. I love it!

I am working on yearly school pages for each of my kids (one 7th grader and one senior). These are compliations of stuff I have collected over the years (starting 12 yrs ago). I have finally located all the tidbits of memories and am getting started soon. It's already been a blast walking down memory lane! Can't wait to have the finished product :)

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