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November 14, 2009


Great cards and great idea!

I love crafting with the girls too! Thanks for sharing!

How wonderful! The cards are darling!

How cool that you guys all got together like that!! Wow!!! Beautiful cards too...thanks so much for sharing them.

Happy hopping!

Cute cards and what a neat event.

Awesome cards. Terrific efforts. TFS!

Great photos and what cute cards, that owl is adorable.

Love your idea for an event. Great to see such turnout also. Thanks for being in the blog hop and for helping to spread the word about OWH. (and thanks for the nice intro)

WOW! And WOW again! Over 1000 cards on ONE day?! You're terrific!

This is such a heartening venture. Here in Canada, the painting guild I belong to also creates and sends cards for our troops. They range from painted, thru to stamped and embossed cards in every style imaginable and are received with great appreciation. It's such a little thing we can do for our heroes!

~ Shelley

It's so heart warming to hear about your card making event for such a good cause!

Awesome cards! What a wonderful crafty and supportive thing we can do for our troops! God bless them, and you!

Keep up the great work!

How wonderful to have a group event to make cards for OWH! Love the cards you created. Beautiful work by all!

Wow , what a fantastic turn out for your event. One thousand cards are going to make a big difference to lots of heroes. Thank you for participating, it sounds like everyone had a blast!

That looks like you had fun. Thanks!

Great job to all the ladies!

What a wonderful way to make so many cards.


As a military wife I must give a great big thank you for participating and sharing your talents!

1000 cards--that's terrific! And they're so cute, too--no doubt our heroes are going to love them!

Terrific cards. Thanks for supporting OWH. Hugs, Loni

There are so many fun things to look at here :) I love your blog! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for hosting the event and supporting our heroes!

Great gathering and great cards - I am proud to be on the OWH hop with you! ~Michelle :)

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