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February 10, 2010


Gorgeous! Absolutely Gorgeous!

sweet and easy to do ♥

completely adorable!
where do all ya'll come up with these awesomely genius ideas?
maybe you can send some creative pixie dust, along with a LARGE order of motivation this way. ;)
thanks for sharing. when i find a moment, i wanna give this a try.

This is so cute.

You should try doing this with sequins and seed beads! It turns out fantastically with them too!

Thanks so much! I just adore it. I'll have to try this. I definitely don't have a badge cutter so by hand is how I'll have to do it. The smaller one will have to do since there are less circles to cut.

That is really neat... what is the size of the circles? I have a few circle dies. Not sure which size would be best.

great tutorial...end product is awesome!

That's beautiful! Where can I go to use a die cutter like that? I would never have the patience to cut that many circles..

Wow!!! And no sewing involved! Since I don't live anywhere near your shop, I will have to handcut my circles to make this project :-( Thanks for showing this tutorial!

Love it! Thanks for sharing. Where is a good place to get wool blend felt? I have some of the eco-friendly stuff from Joanne's, but the colors are a bit odd.

so cute!! how did she make the other one??

I saw this in the shop during the meet and greet and just thought it was adorable. I didn't know you made it. And I just love Tiffany's! I'm not going to have time to make this for V-Day, but I think my daughter would love one to decorate her room with anyways ;) I'll have to make one.

So pretty!

We've got it at Lasting Memories, tons of colors and great prices.

LOVE it!

That is beautiful...

I <3 this!!!! What a great idea!! Thank u for sharing!!

I about fell out of my chair! Those are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Nancy N

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