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April 23, 2010


To the team at Lasting Memories;

I'm very saddened by this news, but as the well-written words by Mandy above state, I have to thank you all very much for the opportunity to have met you. To have made new friendships and to have been able to share together our love to create.

Thanks for having me as a part of the Design Team and being able to share my passion for scrapbooking with all your customers. Kudos to Laurie Anderson for coordinating us and for the fun! :D

I will definitely miss my "Happy Place": Lasting Memories was always MY place where I entered, leaving everything stressful outside. Inside were my friends, smiles and my hobby awaiting.

Thank you for this! I wish everyone all the best, esp. Lee & Jennifer in the next stage of their lives!

Forever in creativity,
Jacalyn Soo

...Although I am sad, I know everything happens for a reason. To Lee & Jennifer, much happiness in your "Retirement" enjoy the next stage of your life. I am going to miss your wonderful store (even though my trips across the sound were few) I truly enjoyed the crops. Where on earth are we going to go after the convention? Thanks to you for being so kind to Andrea. She speaks very highly of you both. You are a very important part of her life and creative nature.
Love to all--Theresa Ancich aka Andrea's mom

I'm very surprised and saddened to hear this news but I must remember as one door closes, another will open. I've been shopping at Lasting Memories for over ten years and I will miss it much. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of LM's first design team and for always being there to inspire me. The best to all the LM staff, especially Lee and Jennifer as you find where your next open door will take you.

I am so sad that you are closing! I am only able to shop there when I was up visiting your customer, my sister Linda Rankin. I will miss you guys...enjoy your retirement...here's to more time for you to scrapbook!
Kathy Morgan

WOW - Im full of mixed emotions swimming around in my mind and heart! Somewhat in shock I guess. Wondering what will my scrapbook life be like with out lasting memories? I love Jennifer's newsletter every week it's my highlight and spurs me on! I'll have to find another haven to take me away! Yes, walking thru the doors of the store just took all the stessors of life away. Im also thrilled that Jennifer and Lee are saying yes to their health and wellbeing! Wishing you both the very best of the best! Looking forward to the doors that fly open for us all. Blessings!!! Stacy

I truly thought it was just a joke when i drove by. I had to sit out front for a min to let it all sink in. I am mostly upset because it was the only store I could go to and spend way too much money and have no guilt because i knew that everything i walked out with was so cute and worth every penny. My husband saw that i was sad and he keeps having to cheer me up. This truly was an amazing store and it will always be in my memories. Much love to Jennifer and Lee on their new life together. we will truly miss you.

A bright side of Lasting Memories being so cute: even the picked over leftovers from the clearance sale will be cute!

This is really, really sad. There is simply no other store in the area (I drive from Seattle all too frequently to shop at LM) that even comes close to the the quality of your store! Your closure leaves a void. While I understand that a small family business has other pressures that go into business decisions, I'm very sorry that there was not a successor to pick up the business and keep it going. The talented, creative designers and the discerning selection of materials and supplies that you offered has been unparalleled. I'm glad for the chance I got to be inspired by your wonderful store and will miss it greatly!

This closing will definitely leave a gaping hole in our community. There is no other store like it, that I am aware of, where the staff is so responsive to customers. I've been shopping there since it opened and was so looking forward to all the new things for cardcrafters that have been being stocked.
I'm thrilled that this is a decision made based on quality of life (retirement) and not something sad or tragic. I wish Lee and Jennifer the very best future possible. Retirement really is wonderful but they must remember - days will only be 12 hours long now. There's also twice as much to do each day but it's wonderful! God bless.

Aw.. Sad for your customers but great for the owners! Wish I lived in WA so I could come shopping!

je vous lis de france , et je vous souhaite de retrouver du travail

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